My story

I am Anca and, by name of Color Drops Mandala, I create jewelry and decorations hand-painted with dots of color, through which I want to help those who are passionate about their personal and spiritual development, to maintain a beneficial mood, harmoniously connected to their Self.

I'm a self-taught artist, and until four years ago, I hadn't painted since high school. But I was always looking for an artistic way to express myself, and although I never considered drawing and painting to be my strong point, fate would prove otherwise to me.

It all started in 2016, when I fell in love with mandalas and dotting technique. I was looking for a colorful pattern to paint on my coffee table made of pallets, when I discovered a mandala made of dots that I really liked and that, I thought, should not be so hard to replicate. With no prior experience in painting, it took three months to complete the project, but I can certainly say that it was an amazing journey that opened the door to a new, fascinating world.

I knew that day that the mandalas and the dotting technique are that something I've been looking for all my life. Creating mandalas is, for me, a very special process, during which the mind is silent and passion and creativity take their place, giving birth to Color Drops Mandala products in which I put all my good intentions and thoughts to brighten and color your day.

My mission is to support everyone's desire to be connected with their heart and soul, succeeding with the help of the mandala, to find their own harmony.

All the mandalas I paint are original and each model it's unique. I choose the colors carefully, so that, in combination with the created model, to obtain a strong visual effect, meant to arouse emotions in the viewers' souls and to help them find a state of well-being, in harmony with their Self.

The mandala has the power to focus us, to channel our attention to the present moment and to ourselves, having the ability to influence our mood for the better, bringing joy, calm or energy, warmth, or stimulating creativity.

Color Drops Mandala is that drop of color that makes our lives more beautiful and reminds us to live every moment present and with joy.

I warmly invite you to enter the wonderful world of mandalas, colors and dots, to write your story together!