Product maintenance

Jewelry Care

Color Drops Mandala Jewelry are made of wood, 925 Silver, stainless steel (stainless steel) or brass and are hand-painted with quality acrylic colors, which are not and changes color in time. L a final are finished with a varnish resistant to water, which does not turn yellow in time . However, it is necessary for jewelry to be neat corresponding so as not to- and lose beauty and to last as much as more much in time .

Silver oxidizes most often due to moisture. Avoid wearing jewelry when showering and do not leave it in the bathroom as steam could change its appearance or shine. Wood does not withstand water , the varnish has the role of protect colors from moisture . If the jewelry gets wet by mistake, please wipe it immediately with an absorbent towel or cotton cloth.

The wood, being a little ț in flexible, can break in case in which it bend or hit . Please to > treat jewelry with delicacy
Hand-painted jewelry is not scratch-resistant, so avoid storing it with other sharp or abrasive objects. Also, avoid wearing jewelry while sleeping.

Avoid to expose jewelry to chemical substances , products on alcohol base , cleaning products .

To be protected, jewelry should be stored in a dry, dry place, away from sunlight, in jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, or bags made of fabric.

Caring for wall tiles and decorations

Wall clocks and Decorations Color Drops Mandala are made of wood and / or plywood and are painted with quality acrylic colors, which do not change color in time , to final being finished with a resistant varnish to water and light UV, what not turns yellow in time . However, products must be neat corresponding so as not to- and lose beauty and to last as much as more much in time .

In first line , avoid exposing the clock / decoration over heat sources or steam.

Acrylics used and varnish are resistant to UV but it is not recommended prolonged exposure of the products in direct light of the sun t3> or outside of the house , as colors may lose their intensity

Avoid smoking frequently in room where the work is, as prolonged exposure to smoke can affects colors.

I recommend cleaning the products periodically using a soft cloth or a dusting pad. DO NOT use chemical agents or cleaners as they affect painting . If is required, the products can be wiped with a soft cloth .

Textile maintenance

Each textile product ordered on is customized by direct print to fabric (Direct-to-Garment / DTG). Follow the instructions on the inner label to extend the life of the product and the print:

  • Wash products in the washing machine turned upside down, along with fabrics of similar colors
  • Use a washing program adapted to the material and a temperature of 30 degrees
  • Use a mild laundry detergent
  • Toggles the product upside down, avoiding the printed area
  • Do not tumble dry