Refund policy

According to GEO 34/2014 revised , the buyer has the right to notify in written to the Seller that cancel purchase , no penalties and without invoking a reason, in within 14 days of to receipt of the product. The costs of returning the product are borne by to the customer, as required by law.

Any returned product must:

  • to show no signs of physical wear or deterioration.
  • to be delivered in box original to and with all tags attached ;
  • packaged in protective foil in which was sent;

We reserve the right to accept or of a refuse return only after which products have been checked and match conditions return. In in case in where the return is settled with the refund of the value of the products, the refund is will make by bank transfer to the account indicated by you in return message, in no later than 14 days from to return.

The return request can be sent via a message in section CONTACT on site and must contain the following information : Name and first name, address email and phone, order number , date order , product name, product code, quantity, reason for return and bank account . After registration of the return request, we will send the courier to pick up the product on which want to return .

Delivery charges are borne by customer and will not be returned .

In case in where the product deteriorates in 6 months from to purchase it, we will repair your product for free. The guarantee is offered only if the parts are kept in the recommended conditions, not being exposed to impact or scratches with hard or abrasive bodies, to light and heat sources, to interactions with chemicals. Shipping costs are borne by the customer.